My creation of this Lounge THE PURPOSE LOUNGE was with you in mind . Waking up to a job that doesn’t deserve us , a job that takes all of us and leave us empty so empty that we don’t like ourselves.  I woke a morning and didn’t want to live that way anymore. I have been on a journey since 2009 and i am yet to say that this is it… i am surprised everyday for the things i encounter good and bad….. mind you. You see, i have come to realize that this is what it all about living and embracing all that is being experienced in this present moment , so accepting the bad and unpleasant things is involved in that batch…. living authentically, living with passions, experiencing all that is present… living by purpose is the divine intention of the universe for every living being…..

i discovered this after reading (i cant remember how much) but a lot over 300 books that urges us to live better lives for ourselves, find your purpose they say, know what you are here… Tell me do you know why you are here on this planet ? I thought it would of been an easy task since its my PURPOSE i must know what i have all the answers…. i have been looking since 2009 and i can say that its wasn’t an easy task. I had to go to paces where i never thought i had to, with no help except my books and pure intuition…..i was shocked that i wasn’t able to find anywhere on line helping us to find our purpose…. i have decided to create such a place since their isn’t one here on the internet ….We need it. It took me 2009 —–2014 to know really that i am here to inspire you with my presence and every word that comes out of my mouth..Finding your purpose is a difficult task, if you have no knowledge of were to turn. I am here to share all my struggles, joys , tips, books, music, everything that you will need to find what is hidden deep inside of you.